A CKD patient typically requires about 3 dialysis per week. A dialysis costs on average Rs. 1200 and the range is from Rs. 750 to Rs. 2000 including all charges. The average cost of dialysis works out to Rs. 3600 per week. This places a significant economic burden on the patients. Many patients are irregular in getting their weekly dialysis done. This severely compromises the ability of the patient to lead a normal life.In 2003, based on data collected by BKF, we came up with the One Free Dialysis a Day scheme. BKF partnered with dialysis centers across the city where the hospital agreed to perform a dialysis for a patient every day at Rs. 600. BKF raised funds to pay the hospital for the dialysis of a deserving patient who for economic reasons would have opted not to have dialysis during that week. In effect the patient gets a free dialysis and the hospital is compensated at the lower cost of Rs.600 for that dialysis.Since the programme was launched BKF has conducted approx. 34,841 dialysis free of charge and disbursed approx. Rs. 41.4 million rupees towards this programme.

You can support the OFDD programme by donating any number of dialysis @650/- per dialysis. The dialysis will be performed in one of the participating centers on the date that you specify- this date can be a special occasion such as a birthday, an anniversary, a festival date or on behalf of a dear one.. The patient will receive a card that gives your name and occasion. On the day before the dialysis is performed you will receive an email with the center and name of the patient.

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